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MERCL, CIPAC’s companion think tank, is taking a special action mission to Israel April 24 – May 4, […]

Why Dividing the Holy City Can Never Bring Peace

CBN News honors the 50th anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem with an informative video presentation on why […]

How the 1967 Six Day War Benefited The United States

The June 1967 Six Day War – mega bonus to the USA Yoram Ettinger “The expanded strategic cooperation […]

Israel Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem

The Jewish People’s Ties to Jerusalem: 3,000 Years Ago, Today, and Forever From Time Immemorial The Everlasting Jewish […]

UPDATE: These excerpts from JNN newsletter of May 8 provide updates on various issues which have been subjects of CIPAC campaigns.

CONGRESS REJECTS PAYING SALARIES TO TERRORISTS: The Senate on 4 May 2017 passed a $1.1 trillion funding bill which […]

Big Independence Day doings in Israel

Country celebrates holiday with barbecues, parties and more, while at the UN, another anti-Semitic resolution passes UNESCO   […]

No, Israel is not an apartheid state

For those who say Israel is an apartheid state, see this speech from an Arab-Israeli diplomat.    

CIPAC calls for Trump Task Force to combat resurgent antisemitism

Evil results from bad choices and onlooker disinterest; CIPAC, for 100 million US Christians, rejects anti-Jewish hate acts and words as […]

Summer 2017 Internship Opportunities at Middle East Forum

The Middle East Forum (MEF) seeks interns for five projects: All internships are unpaid: transportation costs for interns […]

Krauthammer Exposes Bernie Sanders

Washington Post June 8, 2015 the redoubtable Charles Krauthammer examines Senator Bernie Sanders actions with respect to Israel.  […]

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