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Diplomatic Malpractice – UNSCR 2334

On December 24, 2016, the UN Security Council passed resolution 2334 demanding Israel give up any territory won […]

Grey Cranes choose to stay in Israel

December 8, 2016 Yesterday’s Times of Israel features the story of thousands of Grey Cranes wintering in Israel. […]

B’nai Brith Canada series “Jews From Arab Lands”

Today, while stories abound of many Arab refugees, few are aware or even acknowledge the forgotten exodus of […]

The Model Ad to Use to Promote Our Work

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Center For Near East Policy Research Film Budget 2016

Center for Near East Policy Research FILM BUDGET 2016 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Background: Correcting the Myth Know: The UN […]

Help Us Brief Elected Officials About UNRWA

February, 2016 UNRWA, The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, serves 5.2 million descendants of the Arab refugees […]

House Foreign Affairs Committee Slams Palestinian Incitement

The following US congressional initiative reflects painstaking work of twenty years to overcome all odds to make the issue of war incitement of The Palestinian Authority and UNRWA onto the US agenda. We acquired and shared the ​new ​PA/UNRWA textbooks with this committee staff, and they read them- David Bedein

UNRWA unmasked at the Knesset

The Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) was the venue on 20 December 2015 for an important forum devoted to learning exactly what goes on behind the scenes at the UN agency tasked with looking after Palestinian Arab refugees.

Australia to review UNRWA contributions

J-Wire has received a response from the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to an inquiry about UNRWA and Australia’s continuing aid to them in light of their (UNRWA) involvement in certain dubious activities.

Israel and Jews in the newest Palestinian Authority

Israel and Jews in the newest Palestinian Authority (PA) Schoolbooks taught in PA and UNRWA schools: De-legitimization, Demonization, Advocacy of Violent Struggle rather than Peace, of Jihad, Martyrdom and the Right of Return


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